Leadership Behaviour Hacking for IT Executives and teams

Build Your Dream Team With Personalized Solutions That Actually Get Results. 


You Want Your Team To Succeed

As a leader, your team’s motivation and efficiency level are your number one concern. 

You want to feel they are growing and improving as professionals, while maintaining overall job satisfaction, productivity… and more!

Unfortunately, none of us start off as experts. 

  • How do you prepare to be a good leader? 
  • What do you do when burnout eludes you?
  •  What is the healthy way to address complaints and reduce work-related stress?

Stop putting out fires when you could be harvesting your crops. 

Get the most out of your team by providing them with personalized support that focuses on the issues that really matter.

What I Can do For You

1:1 Leadership Behavior Hacking
for IT Executives

Transform IT Executives into confident, strategic, and emotionally intelligent leaders who are effective at team and board-level communication.

Unlock Your Voice

Improve self-confidence and communication with a clear, sustainable path for personal growth. A compass and a map to transform behaviour towards better communication.

Cohesive Tech Team

In one session, make an assessment to uncover priorities tailored to your company’s tech leaders goals and transform your team into a proactive, cohesive unit committed to individual and group development.

TechTalk: Team Dynamics and Proactive Communication

An 8-hour workshop to transform ineffectual communication practices into a psychologically safe work environment while enhancing proactive communication skills.

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What My Clients Say

Carol had done an amazing job helping our senior leaders develop and grow their leadership skills. Thank you Carol - hope to work with you again soon!
John Corley
Owner and CTO at Spanish Point Technologies
Carol is a very proficient, positive and kind person. We had a team session with her and worked on building up on onboarding process for the company. Very good content was prepared as well as interesting and educative assessments that were taken in groups. The session was very interactive and everyone had a chance to speak up and share. I really enjoyed working with Carol and can highly recommend her, if you want to improve leadership skills!
Iryna Kurkina
Chief Business Development at Academy Smart
Carol is a very dedicated and competent professional, with very positive energy and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We worked together at RTM where she implemented the HR area including the development of strategic and tactical HR planning, policy definition, among others and also acted as a mentor helping me and other managers in leadership issues and decision-making processes.
Carlos Roberto Teixeira
CTO at RTM Telecom and It Services
Carol is an excellent professional and Coach. With their help and guidance, I was able to identify and clarify my mission, identifying points for improvement and helping to identify strategies to achieve them. It was a very fruitful collaboration.
André Gomes
CTO at ADENTIS Portugal
Carol is an excellent Coach! She exceeded the expectations I had when I sought her help aiming to achieve - in the very short term - a professional goal. Throughout our entire process, she was transparent, impartial, and "straight to the point". In addition, she used and recommended tools that help me to be even more practical and objective I recommend.
Bernardo Abbês
Operations Manager at ORB Music
I was glad to have an opportunity to attend a corporate training led by Carol. It was very professional and structured, the atmosphere was very dynamic and conducive to the generating of ideas. I recommend Carol as a professional in developing leadership potential with a high level of attention to detail.
Valeria Zagoruiko
HR Specialist
Carol is an excellent professional!! Given the difficulties she was facing, she managed to reverse the scenario and using great tools helped me to trace a path so that I could follow in achieving my goals and objectives!! I highly recommend Carol's services, a qualified professional with great experience!!
Fernanda Gonçalves
Foreign Trade at MCassab
Carol helped me recently through an online session envision success. That is all it took. Her strategic methodology and honest attitude helped me view my professional profile from a different perspective and understand the differences between all my experience and relevant experience. She truly is the go-to person for career advice
Roxana Butenco
Data Visualization Engineer at Coca-Cola

What To Expect When You Hire Me

Step 1

With a free phone consultation, we’ll have a friendly 50 minutes chat where you’ll have a chance to let me know all the issues you’re currently facing.

Step 2

Once we go over the main issues, I will come up with a proposal on what I believe could be set in place. 

We can adapt and customize it to your reality and needs.

Step 3

If everything is in accordance to your expectations, we can arrange our first virtual session (either individual meetings or in teams – depending on what you want)

A personalized coaching makes it super easy to understand where to focus on for team growth and productivity. The more knowledge gaps you fill, the more your team’s happiness and success will grow.

This is what you’ve been looking for!

Book a free consultation and I’ll show you EXACTLY how to be the leader you always wanted.


Absolutely! Let’s schedule a free call so that I can better understand your situation and the best ways I can support you with.

Leadership Behavior Hacking for IT Executives, Team Booster Coaching, and Cohesive Tech Team are designed to cater to specific leadership and team development needs. Here are the key distinctions:

  • Leadership Behavior Hacking for IT Executives: This 1:1 service is tailored for IT executives aspiring to hone their leadership skills. It focuses on transforming you into a more effective communicator and strategic leader, specifically oriented towards improving team and board-level interactions. It targets emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, and leadership impact at an individual level.

  • Team Booster Coaching: This offering is a sequence of psychologist-led sessions aimed at boosting your entire team’s performance. The framework includes emotional intelligence, psychological safety, assertive communication, and conflict resolution techniques. Unlike the 1:1 approach of Leadership Behavior Hacking, this is designed to elevate the entire team’s capabilities collectively.

  • Cohesive Tech Team: This is a one-session offering that provides a comprehensive assessment to uncover your tech leadership team’s priorities. It aims to immediately transform your team into a cohesive, proactive unit. The focus here is more on rapid transformation and quick wins for both individual and group development.

In summary, Leadership Behavior Hacking is for individual IT leaders, Team Booster Coaching is a comprehensive, multi-session program for teams, and Cohesive Tech Team is a single-session, high-impact intervention for teams.

Our services are crafted to enhance productivity by addressing it from multiple angles:

  1. Emotional Intelligence: Developing the ability to manage and harness emotions to make more effective decisions.

  2. Psychological Safety: Creating an environment where team members feel safe to express their ideas without fear of judgment, thereby encouraging innovation and problem-solving.

  3. Assertive Communication: Teaching team members to communicate their needs, preferences, and boundaries clearly, thus reducing misunderstandings and increasing efficiency.

  4. Conflict Resolution: Providing tools and techniques to resolve interpersonal issues that can hamper productivity.

The Team Booster Coaching program is specifically designed to address all these factors in a structured manner, thereby setting your team on a path towards maximized productivity.

Absolutely. Our Leadership Behavior Hacking for IT Executives is a specialized leadership training program designed for IT executives. The program focuses on instilling confidence, enhancing strategic thinking, and improving emotional intelligence for more effective team and board-level communication.

My offers vary from short-term programs, like workshops, and also longer-term approaches in group activities such as mentoring and coaching for leaders.

The Team Booster Coaching program is also perfect for leadership teams or boards.

There are 3 ways I can support you: 

1) By assessments that give you a reliable picture of actionable steps to achieve the results you need as a People Manager Leader; 

2) Via a mentorship program where, supported with my 10+ years experience as Head of HR, I’ll help you deal with any issues you might have within your company.

3) Through projects that are designed to solve problems that you have already identified, such as: 

  1. Talent Development: Utilize Leadership Behavior Hacking for IT Executives to groom high-potential employees for leadership roles.

  2. Team Building and Morale: Deploy Team Booster Coaching to create a high-performance, psychologically safe work environment.

  3. Rapid Transformation: Use Cohesive Tech Team for quick, impactful changes, especially useful for newly formed teams or teams facing immediate challenges.

  4. Training & Development: Our TechTalk: Team Dynamics and Proactive Communication workshop can be integrated into your training programs to improve team communication and cohesion.

Your role in HR puts you in a prime position to leverage these services to drive organizational performance, boost employee satisfaction, and enhance leadership capabilities.