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You Want Your Team To Succeed

As a leader, your team’s motivation and efficiency level are your number one concern. 

You want to feel they are growing and improving as professionals, while maintaining overall job satisfaction, productivity… and more!

Unfortunately, none of us start off as experts. 

  • How do you prepare to be a good leader? 
  • What do you do when burnout eludes you?
  •  What is the healthy way to address complaints and reduce work-related stress?

Stop putting out fires when you could be harvesting your crops. 

Get the most out of your team by providing them with personalized support that focuses on the issues that really matter.

What I Can do For You


Getting expert consultation and advice from a professional with 20+ years of experience and a psychology degree will help dive into the real problems and thoroughly understand the issues at hand.


A personalized coaching program allows teams to be more goal-oriented. Together we will define unique strategies to develop emotional intelligence that makes your team professionally grow and achieve more.


By learning through practice and getting the support for technical and behavioral approaches, leaders can rest assured new processes and work frames are successfully implemented.

Development Programs / Courses

A unique approach of personalized development programs using coaching, mentoring, and co-creative techniques that focuses on improving specific KPIs.

What My Clients Say

Carol is a properly international senior HR professional. She is bilingual and successful at working at senior levels in a global business. She has an excellent understanding of what it takes to build and manage an HR function in a commercial environment. She's very strong in relationship skills and able to balance a heavy workload in challenging business situations. She shows vision and perseverance as an HR leader.
Ed Griffin
Group HR Director at CSM Sports & Marketing
Carol is a very dedicated and competent professional, with very positive energy and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We worked together at RTM where she implemented the HR area including the development of strategic and tactical HR planning, policy definition, among others and also acted as a mentor helping me and other managers in leadership issues and decision-making processes.
Carlos Roberto Teixeira
CTO at RTM Telecom and It Services
Carol is a very strong woman, she knows what she wants and through a lot of studies and her technical and behavioral knowledge, she reaches her goals. She focuses on the customer and is extremely dedicated to them, delivering with excellence all the projects assigned to her. As a manager, she seeks to develop the team, encouraging and challenging the team to deliver high-quality deliveries in line with corporate strategy. A professional who works in a very collaborative, didactic and strategic way. Having Carol as a manager was excellent for the consolidation of my career, due to her ability to create processes, corporate programs and training that are always aligned with both the culture and the strategic objectives. She helps you build the projects based on a real need.
Lígia Esquerdo
HR Manager at RTM
A personalized coaching makes it super easy to understand where to focus on for team growth and productivity. The more knowledge gaps you fill, the more your team’s happiness and success will grow.

This is what you’ve been looking for!

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